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Professional Training

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To build a healthy community without drugs requires the joint effort by various professions. It is desirable that our professional colleagues can be sensitive to the ‘social determinants of health’ and identify what conditions of individuals, families, schools and communities can affect health behaviours. They should also understand how they can let their service targets and the public realise drug scourge and the proper use of drugs. This facilitates us to help targets, based on their age, ethnicity, social/economic background, situation, ability and characteristics, to manage their health. We can also reinforce their motivation and habits in developing a healthy lifestyle. When they become healthier physically and mentally, the risks of taking narcotics, drug abuse and having other health issues can be minimised. Therefore, CDAC has launched ability-building training and exchange activities for teachers and staffs in primary and secondary schools, social workers, medical professionals and post-secondary students in related disciplines. 

Key Elements

Interprofessional Collaboration

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Teachers and Staffs of Aided Schools, Direct Subsidy Scheme Schools, International Schools and Schools for Social Development

The training is divided into two levels, ‘elementary’ and ‘advanced’ and consists of six sessions.  It aims to enrich participants’ anti-drug knowledge and equip them with the techniques to assess the needs of schools and students in mental health and anti-drug health education.  The training also provides teachers and staffs, who are responsible for school management or counselling, with relevant knowledge and intervention techniques in counselling. This helps them to think about the possible routes to improve the existing mechanism, flow and guidelines in school

Free of Charge (Commissioned by Narcotics Division, Security Bureau)

Hotline: 2521 2880


Training on Health-oriented Anti-drug Education

Professionals in social welfare and medical industries and post-secondary students in related disciplines

With the strategy of health-oriented anti-drug education, the project aims to let participants understand that how different social communities have different risks in facing drug abuse, addiction and taking narcotics, due to ‘social determinants of health’ and ‘health inequity’. They can also acquire knowledge about the latest situation of drug-taking, as well as possible routes in supporting services, law reform and public education.

Free of Charge (Supported by The Community Chest of Hong Kong)

Hotline: 2521 2880