Q: How do you say "no" to your best friend if they ask you to take drugs?

A: Saying "no" to a good friend may be harder than you think, but there are three basic techniques you can use to help you refuse drugs or doing something you do not want to do.

First, it may be hard but just pucker up the courage and say it, "NO"!

Second, make an excuse to get out of the situation. This is where you have to switch on the thinking caps, the excuse has to be believable.

Third, suggest another activity instead of taking drugs, something you know both of you enjoy doing perhaps (e.g. playing video games, going to watch a movie). A word of advice, after using any one of these techniques it is always important to leave the scene once you have made a choice. Do not give anyone time to try persuading you to change your mind.

Lastly, real friends should not force you to do things you don't want to do, especially if they know it will hurt you.