Anti-Drug Education Display Boards

CDAC has produced a series of anti-drug education display boards for schools to borrow in order to help promote drug awareness and education. The material covered includes: reasons why youths abuse drugs, drug information, the current laws in Hong Kong, and "How to say 'No'!".

Please click here to download and view a PDF version of all the boards:

DB 1 - "Why do youths start abusing drugs?"
DB 2 - "MDMA - Methylenedioxymethamphetamine"
DB 3 - "Ketamine"
DB 4 - "Cocaine"
DB 5 - "Cannabis"
DB 6 - "The Law"
DB 7 - "How to say 'NO'!"
(All DB1-7 are easy roller standing display boards)

To borrow the boards please return the Display Boards Application Form or telephone us (2521 2880) for enquiries.
*Schools should individually arrange for collection and return of the boards as CDAC will not provide this service.

- updated on 11/02/2011

Display Board Answers

Click on the links below to read the answers!

MDMA - Methalinedioxymethamphetamine
Is MDMA the "safest" illegal drug you can take?

Drug misusers claim that ketamine is a "soft" drug and therefore safer to use. Are there such things as "soft" and "hard" drugs?

"Cocaine is God's way of saying you're making too much money."
- Robin Williams US actor & comedian (1951 - )
What do you think he meant by this?

As cannabis is legal in certain countries, such as the Netherlands, is it still a dangerous drug and can someone get addicted to it?