What is CDAC?

CDAC is a bilingual charitable organization that was established in 1985, and is currently a member agency of the Hong Kong Community Chest and Hong Kong Council of Social Services. It was formed by a group of parents and volunteer professionals, who all shared a common concern ˇV teenage drug abuse in Hong Kong. Having over twenty years of experience and exposure in drug education, CDAC remains dedicated to continuing our foundersˇ¦ work, with aims to raise more community awareness about drug misuse in Hong Kong.

We conduct programmes for young people, addressing issues related to Drugs (legal or illegal), Smoking, Alcohol and Healthy Lifestyle Alternatives. All our programmes are interactive and tailor-made to ensure flexibility around different age groups, special needs and backgrounds of the youths while integrating them fully into the existing school curriculum. We also offer training workshops for teachers and parents, which provide knowledge of current drug issues; skills on how to approach youths; locally relevant community resource information as well as referral options.

It is important that we encourage Hong Kongˇ¦s youths to adopt a positive attitude towards body image, encourage them to enhance their knowledge of drugs and current drug issues, and to increase repertoire of skills for how to cope with societal pressures. The objective of CDAC is to provide guidance and knowledge, allowing youths to decide themselves that they want to live healthy lifestyles. If you would like to know more about our programmes or would like us to visit your school, please feel free to contact us.

Tel: 2521 2880 or [email protected]


The Mission of the CDAC is to prevent initiation into drug misuse and to minimize drug-related harm. This is achieved through educational programs which raise community awareness, develop social skills and promote healthy lifestyle choices.

CDAC Executive Committee Members and Advisors (2019-2021)

For more than 30 years since it's establishment, CDAC has been able to continuously develop its service, thanks to the following Executive Committee Members and Professional Consultants:

Dr. FUNG Cheung Tim
Ms. LEE Yuk Chi
Ms. CHAN Suk Yan
Honorary Secretary
Mr. TONG Nai Wing
Honorary Treasurer
Mr. LEUNG Yau Wing
Committee Members
Prof. SIVAN Atara
Dr. CHOI Man Yan, Teresa

Executive Director

Ms. YUEN How Sin
(Step down on 31st December, 2019)
Mr. WONG Tsz Wai, Keith